Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Happiest of all Reunions..

This week has been a bittersweet one.  Our sweet Nana left us but we are so grateful for the reunion we know she had with her best friend.

Growing up going to Nana and Pa's meant the best rolls in the world, delicious cake..made from scratch and without a recipe, and getting to visit one of our favorite people in the world.  

As a little girl Nana took on so many roles..and at that time..the most important to me was the costume maker.  She made one of a kind wedding dresses for the little grand daughters.  My dad was the a few years.. of 5 kids.  By the time he and my mom began having kids all the other siblings were done.  That meant our 5 were the last 5 of Nana and Pa's grandkids..that maybe meant a little special treatment..For Jen and I that meant bonus costumes(a fabulous daiquiri ice colored skirt and vest is coming to mind)and unlimited oreos. 

I was always so excited when we got to visit Nana and Pa on Maywood Dr. and just as excited when they came to visit us. 

The best surprise came when my parents decided to buy their house on Maywood Dr. and build our current house with an in-laws apartment! We were thrilled.  We got to live with our cute grandparents!

Living with Nana and Pa meant we had a home away from our home for anything.  If we needed a back tickle we knew where to go for the world's best back tickler.  If we were bored we would do puzzles with Pa. And every Saturday morning meant waffles and grape juice with Nana and Pa.

It was a sad week when we lost Pa after my first year of college, but what I didn't realize, was the great opportunity it would be for me to spend time with Nana.

After he passed away, she needed a little extra help. I was lucky enough to get to help her out of bed every day, feed her breakfast, and just talk.

I learned so many great facts about her that no one in my family had known before.  Nana quickly changed roles from Grandma to one of my closest friends.

I loved hearing of her socialite are some fun facts about her..

  • She was a founder of the Festival of Trees
  • She was a founder of Utah Youth Village
  • She was on the Young Women General Board
  • When she and her best friend were in YW together, they decided instead of camping for Rough Out to take the girls on a bus to the Sun Valley Lodge
  • She was a great golfer
  • She was a regular bridge player

Nana has been there for me at all the important moments of my life so far, and I am so grateful.

She approved of "that Christensen boy" right away and told me what a handsome young man he was.

The last event she went to was my reception.  My cute neighbor, Bonnie Parkin, told me last night that Phyllis said to her that night, "I wouldn't have missed this for the world.  If they wouldn't have come to get me..I would have walked here." (she hasn't walked in 2 years..such a sweet heart)

Over the past two years Nana has been such a trooper.  She has managed to keep her spunky attitude even though she has had some enduring to the end to do.  The world has lost probably the nicest woman around..but I'm so grateful she could be reunited with Pa. 

I am so grateful for amazing grandparents.  They set they example for me of what a life filled serving others really is all about. I love them both and am so happy they are together again.

We will miss you Phi.


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. Everyone who knew your grandmother loved her. I remember when you spent your summer caring for her. What a blessing to serve her. No wonder you love her so much. We love you Cate and Dave. This weekend will be one you will always remember.


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