Friday, July 1, 2011

June Wrap Up..

What a fun and busy month we have had.  We have had fun month..

Lots of night golf for dave, 2 pool days, family bday dinner at Cheesecake, went to do a temple sesh and ran into Jim and Kris, cleaned the church one Saturday, Zumba with the Todd girls a few times, Dave played at a wedding, Goldman Sachs intern parties (sometimes wife is invited--wife..meant to be singular as Dave is the only married intern in his group), food poisoning from Del Taco, Dave's cousin Jill's wedding, Papa's in town, fathers day breakfast at my house, fathers day dinner/june birthday celebration day at Christisons, awesome dates with Dave, meeting for lunch with the full-timers and the Pearsons at Blue Lemon, an amazing stake conference, Sunday walks, friends getting engaged, and visiting Mac and Lily at their real home!  It has been an amazing month!

P.S.  Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special..I love you all!

Waiting for Jill to come out of the temple

Dave's sunday walk/hunt for golf balls 

Sunday walks

Taylor and Lily

Happy Fathers Day!

Wedding Dinner for Nick and Brooke

PS: Did you know Dave was in The Friend? How celeb. 

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