Monday, November 14, 2011

6 month anniversary

Today marked an important day for us..6 months of marriage.  We are so lucky we found each other and still feel like we hit the jackpot! (I think that's how every newlywed couple should feel)

We met up for lunch at Costco to spend time together during the day..normally a weekend luxury..and both agreed we need to try and meet for lunch more often.  It is so fun to see your best friend during the day, instead of waiting 9+ hours.

After work we met up at Blue Lemon.. Dave's suggestion because he knows it is my all time SLC favorite.  He walked in with a gorgeous bouquet of gerber daisies. What a lucky girl I am! 

We were chatting and I asked him to humor me and play a game..the 6 things I've learned about you in 6 months game.. and here are our results:

Dave's list about Cate:
1. You are a morning bird.  I've never met someone who wakes up so happy.
2. You love baking treats and making food..mostly for me.
3.  I knew you had a lot of clothes..but I had no idea how many. (oops!)
4.  You help motivate me to be my best self and not let a slack-off day happen. 
5. You sleeptalk..not just mumbling but actual dialogue. I like poking you when you are asleep because I know you won't wake up and you say hilarious things. 
6. You love popsicles. 

Cate's list about Dave:
1. You're a really great cleaner.  I had no idea your bathroom cleaning skills were so top notch!
2. You are so kind and patient, not just with me, but everyone you interact with.
3.  You have the wittiest/well written tweets.  No wonder everyone wants to retweet you!
4. I knew you liked sports/espn..but I had no idea how much we would watch.
5. You amaze me when you casually play your guitar and just can play anything by ear.
6. I've learned in the last 6 months how much you adore little girls.  Even though you always say you want 3 boys and then a girl..I know you secretly want a girl to adore first.

6 months of wonderful..looking forward to many many more!




  1. Happy half Anniversary. Dave's bathroom cleaning skills come from living with 2 sisters. And y'all can have my 2 girls any time you want for as long as you want.

  2. cute! can't wait to find out how much more you will learn about each other as time goes on. I have learned how much dave really adores you and how you truly enjoy helping others.


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