Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get Thankful.

Nov 12

D: I am thankful for milkshakes. (favorite treat/food)

C: I am thankful for the Jones Bones.  It's so amazing to have 50+ on my moms side of the family and feel like they are ALL some of my best friends! It's so fun to run around XC races catching up and spending time together.. It's pretty amazing to feel as close with your aunts as you are to the cousins your age.  #LYJB


  1. I do love myself a good milkshake, but MAN, I love those LYJB much more. We have the best family. I laughed my way to tears catching up on my twitter feed this morning. Casey thought I was crazy. Wish I could have been at #speedysarah's race this weekend. I sure do love my jones bones, even in the crazy times :)

  2. Love this post. The LYJB are simply awesome. The older I get I realize how unique it is to want to stay connected like we do! The tweet fests, text fests, and blog fests are new fun twist for this group. I love the cousins, siblings, neices and nephews too! I am sad to miss the XC race. Too fun. Love you Christisons!


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