Monday, February 27, 2012

monday memos

  • Still dying that the babies turned 17 yesterday..I mean really? They're grown ups..rocking sequins at the Sweethearts Dance. They've grown up into pretty amazing people.

  • Rep Meeting..already? That means Show Season (aka traveling to Bridal Fashion Week/Markets) is around the corner.
  • 3 days left of February. We've had a mild winter..and I'm not complaining for one second. I hope it means we are in for a hot summer..filled with lots of bike rides, a trip to Lake Powell, maybe San Diego (if we're lucky), and spending as many hours at the CC pool as possible..on Saturdays, of course.
  • Does anyone try to wake up around 6 am to work out? PLEASE  teach me your tricks.  I struggle to wake up at 7:20..and still get out of my apt by 8 am.
  • I think we had the best weekend.  Davey and I went to dinner on Friday night..the food was not the highlight.  Our conversation was.  We were giggling and having so much fun..those are the moments when I realize that I couldn't love anyone else more..and that we are so lucky to have found each other. After we visited our friends to take some feel better soon treats because Jake had surgery on his knee. We played with our pal, Lucy, online shopped, and just chatted.
  • Saturday was girls day out.  My mom took the twins and I on birthday errands..we missed Jen, of course, but had fun celebrating the girls 17th.  Shopping and lunch at Cheesecake Factory made for a fabulous day.
  • That night, we celebrated NBA All-star weekend by ordering pizza and watching the contest at the Cook's with some of our pals.  After we watched our wedding videos..really..and our husbands/bf were troopers.  I think it pained Ben more than Jeff, Jake, and Dave combined though. He has know idea how much he will love his after his wedding..right?
  • I love getting little notes on my desk at work. It makes work start off so much better than normal. Especially when they come with a darling notebook or cute card.
  • I have a feeling this week is going to go by fast.  Why does life have to go by so fast? I feel like sometimes all I do is countdown to the next big event.  Sometimes I just need to slow down and enjoy each day.
  • I think we should spend an hour a day just to daydream.  And in that figure out a way to make our dreams happen.

Happy Monday.  Here's to another week.  Let's make it a fun one.

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