Thursday, March 29, 2012

23 by 23

I realized that I turn 23 in less than 12 weeks! WOW. Where did year 22 go? I ask Dave regularly how old I am..because..for some reason I keep forgetting if I am 22 or 23.  I decided today I need to soak up the last few weeks of being 22..because 22 IS really great and I want to take advantage of it! HENCE...23 things I want to do by my 23rd birthday.

  1. write Bud 3 letters
  2. throw my husband a great birthday to celebrate him living quarter of a century
  3. read "glass castle" 
  4. and "at the corner of bitter & sweet"
  5. have an online blog clothing sale (anyone interested in participating/buying?)
  6. have an amazing anniversary trip
  7. go to vegas
  8. listen to every talk at 2012 spring conf. and find something that i can personally apply to my life in each talk.
  9. make my bed 10 days in a row
  10. get pictures from our wedding day printed..
  11. and framed.
  12. try and eat more "paleo" meals. like at least 5 a week. 
  13. walk the Highline with Dave.
  14. throw away my giant giant magazine stash that has accumulated in the last 5 years. 
  15. watch my mom speak at Women's Conf. at the Marriott Center.
  16. celebrate my sister's law school graduation. (WOW!! kudos to her)
  17. try 5 new recipes
  18. have a todd girl party when jen's in town
  19. start a collaborative blog with this lady
  20. organize my jewelry and make it look clean in my closet
  21. wear my white jeans..way..before memorial day. 
  22. go on bike rides on every Saturday possible.
  23. be an optimist. every day.


  1. can i do all of these with you?! well almost all! love this and you! xo

  2. Yes! Totally interested in buying your adorable clothes!

  3. I will totally do number 5 with you! Buying and participating, could be pretty awesome!


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