Saturday, March 3, 2012

Maxwell's East Coast Eatery

Have you been to Maxwell's before? I've heard about it for a while, because one of my girlfriends works at the Park City location .

Maxwell's DID NOT dissapoint! The atmosphere was awesome, the pizza was pretty amazing, and the company was the best.

I loved going to downtown on a weekend night..we have such a fun downtown atmosphere these days and Dave and I love taking advantage of it. (Well..he does everyday... and knows downtown spots to eat like nobody's biz. and loves working in the heart of downtown)

We finished the night with Hires milkshakes.  AND loitered at Hires for a while before going home.

Basically, it was a great date night! 



  1. loitering before going home is the best way to end the night! xx

  2. Sounds like a PERFECT date night! I want to eat there... I guess I'll be hitting up the Park City location sometime!

  3. jealous! Wish i lived there so we could enjoy a new restaurant and, of course, a hire's milkshake. yum! xo


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