Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Memos

  • I am dreaming of being in Central park to see these Spring flowers..see you in a month! (thank you New York Bridal Fashion Week!!)
  • If my last name weren't Christison..I would for sure want to name our first girl Emerson.  I just don't think EmerSON ChristiSON has a good flow...
  • Did you know we've already picked out our kids sex and full names?
  • No, it's not baby time yet, but we do play the "what if" game regularly.
  • Every Sunday I wish that we had church at 10 am.. that would be my absolute favorite time.
  • I really wish I had a Diet Coke fountain machine in my kitchen.  Yes, 2 months off and I'm back on. (diet coke makes me feel more fun) I hear the at home machines are only $100. Is it too early to make a b-day wishlist?
  • Don't you love that Fun. is in iTunes top 10? I'm so happy for them..and I LOVE We are Young.  (I love Fun, but they are still not as magical as The Format)
  • I'm dying for these in every color. AND not buying. Go me. It's because I'm trying to be fiscally responsible (Coco and I are really trying to limit online shopping)
  • My husband turns 25 this month. He already got his bday present. So I'm trying to spend time every day brainstorming a fun dinner/activity. 
  • Speaking of him..he text me this morning to tell me if our alarm (that chirped all last night) didn't get fixed soon, he would "take an ax to it." Lucky the fix-it man is coming.
  • I kind of have lost any interest in the Bachelor season finale..US weekly came in the mail on Friday..and spilled the beans. Lucky next season will be amazing with Emily.
  • I am SO thrilled it is warmish this week! I can't wait for's around the corner.

    Happy March to everyone!



    1. Love these little memos... So funny about the Diet Coke.. I was off for OVER A YEAR and I went back on. I missed it every day and I just enjoy life a little more with a good DC. haha glad I'm not alone.

    2. Just found your blog :) This was a fun read :)

      I TOTALLY think you can pull of EmerSON ChristiSON -for reals! Emerson is a beautiful name! I hear you about 10am church -I remember way back in the day it was the norm... then most churches started having 2-3 Sunday mornings services and due to that 10am is rare to find! Have a blessed week.

    3. Oh and PS... YES this season of the Bachelor... lame right! And even while dating my now husband we had picked out a boy name (which we went with once we had a baby a couple years later) and we also have had two girl names picked out. :) Names are so awesome -why not talk about it early on!


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