Monday, March 12, 2012

monday memos

  • Is it awful that the first thing that came to mind today was that a lot of my friends have spring break right now and are cruising the Mexican Riviera..and I am so bummed I am not there?  Instead..Dave is at GS working on reports and I will be at my desk working and getting ready for the upcoming weekend at Dallas Bridal Market.
  • My mint skinnies came in the mail on Saturday.  I tried them on immediately..and almost was ready to plan an outing so I could wear them.  I saved them for today. 

  • my Grandparents started their mission last week..The LDS Church's ambassadors to the UN.  I had never even heard of that calling/mission until they received it.  We can't wait to visit.  Their address is 2 Lincoln Sq. (I'm trying to plan our 1 year anniversary to visit NYC and stay with them in their posh location!)

  • I'm really really really doing a good job on my fashion fast.  I haven't purchased anything since I made the decision to save my dollars.  
  • J.Crew is moving from Gateway to City Creek starting this week.  I have a shift this week @ City Creek and next week..I can't wait to see this beautiful new addition to the SLC downtown scene
  • Dave's birthday is getting closer..and I'm getting more and more excited to celebrate.  25 is no small thing, a quarter of a century!
  • I'm so happy that we have been given some warm temps..Please, no more snow! 

Happy Monday..I'm going to try and soak up every night this week..because this weekend I will be missing my husband and working 12 hour days.. 



  1. You've inspired me. I am officially stepping out of my comfort zone and getting some bightly colored skinnies.


  2. Your outfit is perfect! I love the mint skinnies. Xo

  3. i need myself some mint skinnies. and mint walls. mint is my everything right now!
    happy monday!
    xx jes


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