Tuesday, August 7, 2012

love song.

I am so excited tonight, because we finally got the studio recording of "you & i," the song dave wrote and sang to me at our wedding dinner.  I think it's going to be on repeat for the next week.....or more.

Added a few of our wedding favorites in iMovie, and voil√†, we have our own little wedding slideshow set to our very own song.  Enjoy. 


  1. I love this SO much!! When can we get it on itunes????

    1. Hopefully by fall!! they're in final edits right now..then getting it hooked up with a 3rd party to get on itunes!!

  2. Cater, what a cute song Dave wrote for you. I may or may not have just listened to it 2 times in a row. If he ever publishes it, will you send me a copy?

    Love you girl,

  3. Your kids are going to love this someday. It will be their favorite movie. (It's one of mine too :)

  4. i think i could watch that all day. i seriously love the christisons SO much! can't wait to get dave on my itunes!


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