Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review


  • Spent New Years Weekend at Sun Valley with some of our favorite people. 
  • Dave spent a lot of time volunteering for Mitt.


  • We started the month with a very fun Superbowl party.
  • Dave started his first grown up job at Goldman Sachs. 
  • We went to a Mitt event to see him speak at Little America. 
  • We went to Las Vegas with Jim & Kris for Olivia Papa's baby blessing.
  • I got my 3rd wisdom teeth pulled out. 


  • I went on what I knew to be my very last business trips with Maggie Sottero. (I had interviewed for a job that I thought I was going to take)
  • Dave turned 25! 


  • We joined the Todd family spring break in Las Vegas for some shopping, sunshine, and good company! (Dave & BT snuck in a golf game with Aaron Papa which was definitely a highlight)
  • I decided NOT to take the job and still leave MS and give myself some time off to decide what I wanted my next move to be. 
  • Jen graduated from LAW SCHOOL!
  • Ruthie was the key note speaker at BYU Women's Conf and did an incredible job.

  • We hit our one year mark, and celebrated with a trip to NYC.
  • Wedding season in SLC began. 


  • I turned 23, and was enjoying the "temporarily retired" lifestyle. 


  • We spent 4th of July with BT at the CC pool and 4th of July buffet that night. 
  • Dave headed to NYC for 2 weeks for Goldman Sachs training. 
  • I went to San Clemente with my family while Dave was in NYC. 
  • Dave completed his first 100 mile bike race & crushed it. 


  • We tried to spend as much free time outside as possible. 
  • I started interviewing for jobs and trying to find one that felt right.
  • Dave continued to work super hard at GS. (He usually hits 40 hours on Wednesday.)


  • Dave, Aaron, and Eric ride LOTOJA. Dave rode leg 2-finish. Hello, crazy impressive husband.
  • I found the job that seemed like a great field..great office..great job..great people..extremely great flexibility and work culture. Took the job & decided to start after our "fall break" trip. 
  • Pearsons come in to town for Jen's birthday & conference weekend to see John's family too. 


  • October 2: John gave Jen a pair of baby shoes and a few seconds later it hit us that he was SERIOUS and we were adding a new little baby to our family! YAY!
  • We went to San Clemente for a few days and then met up with Brookie & Jake in L.A. for the rest of the week. We went to every mall. Every Madewell. & Every J.Crew. 
  • I start working again.
  • We have our annual "Spooky Dinner," that did not disappoint! 


  • We voted on Nov. 6 and we still don't really want to talk about that sad sad sad night.
  • Had the BEST Thanksgiving in NYC with the Jones Bones! #LYJB 
  • The last week of the month, we got to "play house" and babysit one of the cutest families we know.  


  • Christmas Season! 
  • Highlights from Christmas:
    • Talking to Elder Todd
    • Finding out Baby Pearson is a BOY!
    • Having the Youngs here with us!
    • all of our wonderful gifts
  • Jen's baby shower.
  • New Years Eve celebrations with our family and the Youngs.
  • Christmas Dinner & bowling with Christisons. 


  1. haha wedding season, it's a utah inevitability. so many trips to new york, luuuucky!

  2. I love reading your blog...and love your style tips. Glad u and Dave r doing good.

  3. I love reading your blog...and love your style tips. Glad u and Dave r doing good.

  4. i really love your pictures and enjoy your blog, you're so cute <3



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