Friday, March 29, 2013

happy birthday davey!

happy 26th birthday DC.  I love you because..

you are forever my man crush.
you are talented at like, every sport. 

you are a really awesome brother-in-law and uncle.

you love an adventure. 
you look good in white spandex..and are a great cyclist!
you were the cutest little boy. and I hope our babies get your looks.

you are a perfect addition to our family.

you are an incredible musician .. I think your new cd is going to be epic.

you love your friends. And you are a genuine and loyal friend.

the little ladies have a thing for you, and it is so cute.

you'll always go along with my last minute ideas.

you make everything a party.

you can even make cold weather enjoyable.

you make the best travel companion.
These reasons barely scratch the surface of the reasons I adore you.  I love you the most though, because you are my husband and my best friend.  I think anyone who knows you  would agree, you are one of the greatest and kindest people they know. You are the total package, and I feel lucky that I get to come home to you every day. Happy 26th Davey, I hope this is the best year yet. 


  1. this is the sweetest. i'm obsessed with you two...darling couple! ever since i saw you guys skyping from NYC-brazil i hoped it would work out! haha so glad it did. happy birthday to dave! xo

  2. Happy Birthday to Dave! Hats off to Jim and Kris for raising such a wonderful young man. We feel lucky he blesses the Todd family too.


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