Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Married Life week 4.5

4.5 weeks in and we are still loving married life.  It seems like forever ago that we were just lounging on the beach and by the pool in Costa Rica drinking unlimited coca lites and pina coladas.. Life came at us fast post honeymoon.

Dave just started his internship.  He is in the Operations dept. at Goldman Sachs..he loves it so far!  He is working on 2 projects and gets to be mentored by different supervisors in the department.  One of his bosses, John Henry, speaks 28 languages (18 fluently)..

They make the internship program really an amazing experience and try to incorporate them with the NY interns as much as possible.  They stream the seminars from their office, have heard from the CEO and other super smart people and get to go on tours of like the federal reserve.

This is where he works..222 Main..Dave says it is the nicest building he has ever been in..

I started working full-time two days after we got home, and it keeps me busy!  I honestly think that I've found the best job for me.  Working in the fashion industry has always been something I thought would be so..and so far it is.  Some days are just office days..placing orders, researching the stores who want to carry our lines and deciding if it is a good business move to open our lines up there..etc and other days are party days..styling at photo shoots, shopping for accessories for advertising images, and playing dress ups with our in-office models..

I feel totally lucky to have found a job that keeps me busy and that I also enjoy!

(this is my current desk appearance..don't worry I am learning to depend on sticky notes)

We are happily busy..and are going to blame our lack of blogging on an internet-less apartment..but will try harder!

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