Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Costa Rica!

How about that Costa Rica was the perfect spot we could pick for our honey moon.  The sun was shining by 7 every morning and it was 90 degrees by 10 am! After our dreary Utah spring it was the best get away.

Our day to day was pretty standard..wake up about a little ESPN..go to breakfast ready for the, lay out, swim, drink Coca Lite/Pina Coladas, chicken tostadas for lunch, chips and pico for snacks, reading some more, watching more soccer, sneaking in an episode or two of friends (even though my husband doesn't love it), and mostly just loving being married and on a trip just the two of us.

We loved the was so spread out you had to take trolleys around! The all-inclusive food was a real one went hungry..that's for sure! The pool was amazing.  The $25 sunscreen worked super well..

Another highlight was running into Melissa and our same hotel! Such a crazy coincidence.  We spent a day with them driving around the Costa Rican country..seeing the authentic life..seeing the gorgeous beaches..4wheeling through the dirt roads..

We were lucky enough to go to church with the Darbys.  It was all in Espanol, so I didn't understand it to well, but the spirit there was so sweet and something I loved.  The little ones were darling and it was fun to sing hymns in spanish!  Dave was a rockstar and could understand about 80%.

Towel decorations everyday.

Cutest Husband around

Our Bungalow

Waiting for the trolley

Yay for working out!

Spa Pool (Adults only)

View of the bay

Green is our Trolley

Main Pool
 CONGO Zipline

I would have to say this is the best vacay either of us had ever been on.  Being married to your best friend is probably the greatest thing imaginable. 

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