Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catch Up.

As this blog..or lack thereof.. is our journal for the year.. I apologize for the way we have completely neglected our way to record what's going on in our lives so we can look back and remember.
A big OOPS.
Excuses..Bridal Fashion Week in Chicago and New York..mixed in with an AMAZING week long vacation to San Diego... Life is busy, but busy is good.
We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home together.
On the agenda?
Tonight we're going to Thriller (Dave surprised me with this idea and got us tickets)
..and tomorrow if the weather stays this pretty try and go for a bike ride.  Those road bikes of ours need to get as many miles on them as possible before the winter so rudely comes.

I have forgotten my camera everywhere I've gone since who knows when..thanks to Instagram here is what pictures we have :).
Dave and Jack (Sleepover at Papa's house on our way to SD)

Driving the PCH
Date night!

Pulling into SD

First pair of Rainbows 
Lunch @ Bagel Shack, San Clemente

One of our all time favorite babies, Ruby Ord!

Then off to NYC

Times Square
Rosa Mexicana


  1. Thanks for this wonderful update. You may live extremely close... like downstairs in the apt. But you are so "on the go" all the time that I need a blog post like this one to catch up with your life! Love it.


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