Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   Nothing says fall like      crisp air when you're outside and seeing the gorgeous colors on the mountains...and boots! 

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is   going to Thriller and Spooky Dinner with the Fam      .

3.  My favorite fall treat is   pumpkin chocolate chip anything..and hot cider or chocolate    .

4. Fall makes me think of    the start of the holidays    because    the next three months are always packed full of fun holiday events   .

5.  Autumn free form word association, go!    crunchy leaves, cool crisp air, sunshine, changing colors .

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is     pixie pants, button up, cardigan, and loafers   .

7.  My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving)    Thanksgiving. I love having a two day break to spend with my family! Not really a fan of the food though..(okay except for homemade Phyllis rolls).. OH did we mention all the amazing Thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS? 

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