Friday, October 21, 2011

What I do on my business trips...

Maggie Sottero has kept me quite busy in the last few months.. Dallas (2), Atlanta, Chicago, and New York have all been part of the bridal experience.  In Dallas,Atlanta, and Chicago we were at the Bridal/Prom Marts..but in New York it was definitely a bigger event. 

Last week was New York's Bridal Fashion Week.. Maggie teamed up with The Knot magazine (and will be a team for the next few years) in sponsoring the Couture Show.  We had an amazing runway show  that the Knot streamed live on their website--and is still available here. What we do as the Sales/Marketing team is go in to set up for the show..put on the runway show..(we're in the back dressing the of my secret talents is being able to undress and redress (we have full corset lace-ups keep in mind) in less than 2 mins!), and help the retailers with placing their orders.

Here are a few sneak peeks of the new collection! 

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  1. Maggie really does have beautiful gowns. Fun job!


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