Friday, November 18, 2011

Get Thankful.

D: I am grateful for the feeling you get after studying really hard for a test and feeling like you've done well on it. 
C: I am grateful for my dogeared "light as a feather" necklace. It came with the cutest message on the card that I read periodically.  Every day when I see my necklace on me I try and remember the message it came with: 

"Feathers are sacred messengers between Heaven and Earth, and are symbols of spiritual and emotional freedom.  Ordinary yet mystical objects, they have the power to guide and inspire.  Wear your feather as a reminder to find your own wings and fly higher than ever before."

1 comment:

  1. Cate... I am so happy you commented on my blog! Now I know you have one and can keep up to date on your life. You two are darling... cutest newlyweds ever! I just read your post when niney passed away. So sweet and so thoughtful. Loved it. You are darling and I am so glad I can see all the fun things you guys are doing .... hopefully we will see you sometime soon!


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