Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Night in Bethlehem

We had an amazing ward party..I think there is a reason the people in Parley's Stake are so loyal and love our neighborhood..

Our Christmas Party adventure was incredible this year.  Not a detail was missed..I felt like I was back in Jerusalem..(okay..maybe not quite..but a great transformation of a cultural hall)

This parchmant paper (with burned edges) was rolled and left on our door

The walkway to the church (with a great door opener)

Entering the city: must sign cenus to get your coins to buy dinner at the market. (Please note the amazing rugs and the parachute that one lady found on to transform ceiling...amazing)

All the 13 year old boys were dressed as Roman guards.

The Marketplace

The watering hole.

1 comment:

  1. This looks totally amazing! Great costumes, and great party. This is why I love our church. Not a detail left undone. Love you!!


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