Friday, January 13, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   The last thing I ate was     fried ice cream after a delicious mexican feast in Park City with my husband (new years resolution may exclude dates) .

2.   The last song I listened to was   Roll to Me by Del Amitri (I would vote this top 10 of all time)      .

3.  Using the letters in my name I can spell    {Cate} ate tac eat tea      .

4.  If I had to dress in one color for the rest of my life I would pick     navy blue. jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, or any other accessory would just be the easiest    .

5.  If you were to look in my bag right now you'd find    gum, candy, advil, planner, pens, toothbrush, lipgloss, peanut bar, wallet, stretchy gloves  .

6.  When I finish filling in the blanks I'm going to    get ready for bed!  .

7.  My all time favorite song to dance to is    Earth Wind and Fire. Easy.  .

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