Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Update/Resolutions

January 11th.  A new year. A lot going on.  We are surviving. Okay way better than surviving..Refresh..I'm surviving.  Dave's living the good life this month.

Things at work are absolutely nuts.  If I leave my desk for an hour I have been coming back to 20+ new e-mails (that all require action) and 5-10 missed calls/voice mails! Or once lovely team of 11 is currently functioning with 7..(one out with mono, one out for maternity leave, and two that quit and we have absorbed the work load instead of rehiring) 

We are busy doing our day to day tasks and on top of that preparing and running promotions right now (check out Flirt's FB page to enter Flirt Friday Freebies..we're giving away some cool stuff! Every Friday we give away something new) and about to launch a really cool campaign with Brides Magazine when their new issue comes out next week...all you have to do is try on a Maggie gown and you are automatically entered to win a trip to Cabo for 2! (I think employees are ineligible..rats)..anyway enough work details..but let's just say it's crazy busy..and busy is I'm very happy about that!

Dave is living large right now. He graduated in December..put in his 2 weeks at his part-time job at the law firm 2 weeks before Christmas, and is enjoying his month off before he starts his first full-time job at Goldman Sachs.  He has been able to get in 2 rounds of golf and hit up the driving range a couple of times before the weather decided to finally enter the winter season. Now he's using his days to record a new CD, study for the GMAT, relax (aka watch ESPN/NBA TV), or be a really good house keeper. 

We're working on becoming better people over all with our New Years Resolution and adopted a great template from our good friends, The Cooks. Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationship, Creativity, & Passion.  Dave and I picked something to do together for each category and a personal in each category. 


  • Read: 1 non-fiction, 1 fiction, 1 how-to, 1 historical fiction, 1 biography

  • Eat less processed foods. Dave: work out 4 days/week. Cate: Cook dinner more. 


  • Finish the BOM together. Then Dave wants to read BOM in Portuguese & I want to read Jesus the Christ.

  • Think twice before saying a negative thing to each other OR about anyone else.  Do things that you know make others happy and put others needs before your own. 

  • Plan dates out in advance that are different from the norm. Dave: Finish recording CD. Cate: Plan more things to do with Dave/friends that are new for us.

  • Do something every day that you LOVE to do. D: Music. C: Find fun new activities/hobbies.

We hope 2012 is filled with learning, growth, strengthening relationships with friends, families, and each other, and lots of love and laughter. 


  1. love love this. love both post! you are darling and love that we have been able to spend so much time with you guys lately.

  2. Hi Cate, my name is Ali, I grew up with Dave in Park City an came across your blog from Courtney Snith! You guys sound like you're doing great! I am leaving a comment cause I noted that your company had tow people quit and I'm looking for a new opportunity. Are they hiring anyone new? Do you mind letting me know and I can send my resume. My email is! Thanks and I hope we get to know each other more!


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