Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goodbye Wisdom..Hello recording studio

I know..I am 22 years old and still had to get my wisdom teeth out? 
 I am currently sore from getting my 3rd tooth taken out..yes..I still have one left. It  isn't ready to come out yet. (Must be having a hard time letting that extra wisdom go)
My recovery activities include 800 mg ibuprofen (dreamy) and relaxing on the couch in the recording studio hearing my husband jam..

Can I just have a moment to gush?  

This is my 1st  time being in the studio and experiencing all of this amazingness of creating an album.

Hearing my cute husband's music come to life is absolutely incredible!  I know lots of people play instruments and are very talented..but, I am partial and very biased to this musician.  He has the best voice I've ever heard..can play the piano..drums..and guitar..and can create music and write lyrics that are truly music I would actually buy on iTunes! 

I can't wait to get the new cd.  I can promise it will be on full blast everywhere I can listen to music. It's that good.

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