Wednesday, February 22, 2012

President's Day Weekend


  • Left work early--wisdom teeth pain + pain meds = extremely nauseousness and maybe  an emotional breakdown in front of my boss and President of the company b/c I felt so crumby..yes..tears shed. I blame it on the percoset. It made me feel all sorts of weird.
  • Slept all day...until it was time to gear up in wife mode.
  • Pulled myself together for the Mitt Romney event at the Little America.  Dave worked his tail off to raise enough money and meet his goal--so proud of him! 
  • Saw Mitt give a speech. Then saw Mitt at dinner with his fam afterwards (They were at Tony Burger in case you're curious).  We are Mitt fans...if you can't tell!
  • Met our friends for Red Mango--it was one of the only things that I could eat.  I think Red Mango is my absolute fav. yogurt place.  Some yogurt regulars were missing, so we took this pic to let them know we were trying to have fun with out them.


  • Got up super early and drove to Midway so we could carpool to Las Vegas with Dave's parents.   Chatted/slept/watched Netflix for the 7 hr drive.  
  • I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I started watching 90210 on Netflix.  It's totally entertaining.  I've made a rule though, I can only watch it while I'm working out.
  • We got to Vegas and checked in at our hotel then headed straight to the Papa's.
  • We fell immediately in love with Olivia.  
  • We loved watching Jack ride his bike..with no training wheels.  He even has a specialized bike..future Lotoja rider for sure.
  • We loved snuggling with Kate..and sharing my lipstick/gloss.   She loved having me put on some lip color and wearing my jewelry..and looked pretty amazing. 
  • Brit and Aaron were pretty fun too.  And provided amazing food/desserts.


  • Hotel continental breakfast.  I won't share how much was consumed at Dave & my table...but we did try a little of everything.
  • Headed to hangout at the Papa's.  Played with kids and hung out with everyone.
  • 2:00 church- Olivia's blessing. It was so sweet and beautiful.  I love watching my husband, my future kids grandpa, and brother-in-law stand in the circle as worthy priesthood holders give a fresh from heaven baby a special blessing.
  • Dinner at Papas.  Build your own sub, pasta salad, chips and guac, ruffles and ranch, sugar cookies, girl scout cookies, cookie bars...


  • Get home to get ready for the week..laundry, cleaning, de-junking, and ironing galore.  I tried to iron some of Dave's shirts to be a sweet wife..he came in and told me how sweet it was that I was trying to iron, but not to worry about it.  I later got him to admit I was doing it wrong.  He said boys have an ironing advantage if they served a mission. Touche. 
  • Dinner with some friends--Shrimp fajitas that were delish with Bachelor and Khloe and Lamar to finish off the night.

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  1. so glad I've found your blog. I love reading the updates of you and your husband. congrats on a successful weekend get away.

    PS> i like your tip of watching your new favorite TV show only while you're working out. i will attempt to follow your example of discipline :-)


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