Monday, April 23, 2012

catching up

I am counting down the days until the Women's Conference party begins.  My mother is a ROCKSTAR and is the opening speaker in the Marriott Center.  I am sure her talk will be empowering and fabulous.

I saw this in Glamour magazine. I thought it was so funny.   Just a good reminder for any rough days.

NY Bridal Fashion week was SO fabulous and the perfect ending to Maggie Sottero.   Miss had to sub for one of the no-show models for the dress rehearsal. She looked pretty fab though!

Court and Kenzie also came to have a girls weekend in NY and modeled some fabulous Flirt gowns.  SO fun to see and catch up with these ladies! 

The Youngs invited me to join them in their box to watch the NY Rangers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  I  was spoiled and had the MSG experience..complete with access to the Delta Club. (David ran into Jude Law during at the cool is that??)

AND.. no trip to NY is complete with out a stop at Grey Dog. Seriously..THE best sandwiches and sweet potato fries ever!

Did I mention I turned down the job at PPBH?  I'm temporarily retired and organizing up a storm. 

Is anyone else getting super excited for the summer games?? I love London.  I love the olympics.  I can't wait.

YAY for Jen! She not only is a BYU law school grad, but has already passed the bar exam! 

Jen and I in provo=crest drinks.  Diet coke with lime is my favorite. Provo was always much better when Jen was there with me. 

Brit instagrammed this the other day..and seriously..i died!  I think this is the most precious picture of a little sister trusting and adoring her big brother.  

Almost a complete 4-some (we're REALLY missing Buddy here).  The boys got 2 rounds of golf in this weekend.

Does anyone snap chat? It's one of the best forms of communication. .

We took the Pearsons and my dad for their first City Creek experience.  The flowers at temple square are seriously so amazing right now.  I highly recommend taking a trip to see them as soon as possible.

Did your mom teach you how to clean a bathroom really well? Mine did.  It came to good use when I had to work at
J. Crew this weekend. I made it sparkle. 

Sunday Dinner creeper shot from Brooke.

I had no idea she was taking so many amazing pictures..OR that I make such pretty faces. 

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  1. I saw your cute momma at the temple a few weeks ago! She is just as adorable as you. P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is insanely stoked for the Olympics! Summer Olympics > Winter Olympics


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