Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chiang Rai

We just got word that Elder Todd is moving out of Bangkok to Chiang Rai! 

  • The city was founded by King Mengrai in 1262 and became the capital of the Mengrai dynasty. 
  • In 1432 during the reign of King Sam Fang Kaen of Mangrai dynasty (1402–1441) the Phra Kaeo, or Emerald Buddha, the most revered Buddha statue, was discovered in Chiang Rai when an earthquake split the Chediat Wat Phra Kaeo of Chiang Rai City. The beautiful jade figure was then seen concealed within. 
  • Known for the Night Bazaar: a night market, located in the middle of downtown, Chiangrai. A place for souvenirs and local products, with free cultural performances. Also more than forty restaurants
  • Known for: Saturday Night Walking Street: north of downtown. Hundreds of local folks display their crafts and food. Includes local dance and showcase displays.
  • Princess Mother Hall and Doi Mae Salong: Located about 70 km northwest of Chiang Rai accessed by a scenic, and sometimes quite steep, road from Mae Chan. 
  • Doi Tung Royal Villa: final residence of the mother of the King of Thailand, known as the Princess Mother. 
  • Doi Tung Zoo
  • The Gate of Siam: locatied on the border with Laos where one can stand high up on a mountain with Laos directly in front and the mighty Mekong River flowing beneath.

I can't wait to get updates from Elder Todd in this gorgeous place.

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