Monday, April 9, 2012

Vegas via Instagram

Green Valley Ranch. It was pretty dreamy.
started at the pool, finished in 1.5 days. it's amazing

spring clothing time!

A favorite wedding gift--perf weekender bag

airport breakfast and our new spring shoes

not sure which tweet is better, ruthie's or that VLAD made it in the feed

Adam did doppleganger Friday. we thought it was hilarious. 

Kate wanted to nap instead of swim..

Jack ready to go!

Dave has fallen in LOVE with Olivia

No, seriously. He has. He wanted to steal her.

Lah looking fly in her snap back and new nike shirt..channeling her inner Michelle Tanner.


  1. i'm dying over that floral bag of yours.

  2. I did not tweet that. Lals is up to her old phone snatching tricks. Hmm...I might have to confiscate her phone again.

  3. aww, all of these pictures look like so much fun! just perfect!
    and i absolutely love that book, corner of bitter and sweet! so beautifully written!
    xo TJ


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