Friday, May 25, 2012

fill in the blank friday: New York

Today we are off to NYC to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! So today, our blanks are all centered around the city. 

1. If you could only pick 1 restauarant and 1 treat to get the whole week in NYC, it would be: Grey Dog Cafe-turkey/apple/brie sandwich+sweet potato fries and candy from Dylans. 
2. My favorite shopping in NYC is: Bleecker St. and SoHo{think..madewell, topshop, jcrew, zara}
3. The best show I've ever seen on Broadway is: wicked w/ original cast!
4. If i could be in any movie/tv show filmed in NYC it would be: FRIENDS! 
5. The best sports team in NYC is: GOOOOOO KNICKS!!!
6.  The trick to getting a good deal on fountain Diet Coke is: MCDONALDS. $2. Big. Fountain. On so many corners. Dream come true!
7.  If you could live in one area of NYC it would be: Gramercy Park. 

We're SO excited! We have our list of MUST DO and MAYBES..but do you have anything else that NEEDS to go on our list?


Cate and Dave

1 comment:

  1. what a fun vacation! my family is in the middle of planning a possible trip to nyc in a few months and i am beyond stoked for it! my frist time ever! i dream of seeing wicked in new york someday, or just seeing wicked anywhere someday! have so much fun on your trip!


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