Thursday, May 31, 2012

NYC: 1st Anniversary Trip

To celebrate year one of marriage, we decided to go to the city.  After living here, I've been dying to take Dave back and drag him around to all my favorite spots (and all the spots i spent talking to him while walking home late at night from work while he was living in brasil..thank you skype). We made a list of our "musts" and our "maybes" and checked everything off of almost both lists and more! We were so lucky and got to stay/spend time with Granann & Grandpa Bud in their apartment at Lincoln Square...such an amazing location!

day 1:
brooklyn bridge
explored TriBeCa
battery park
financial district
found Goldman Sachs building
met Parker for lunch at Shake Shack (in the goldman building)
hung out in Washington Sq. Park
shopping in SoHo (ran into some of our favs-brookie, court, amy, & kylee) 
got tickets for Memphis..we loved it
hung out in Times Square

Day 2: 
church at manhattan 1st with the Gs
sunday dinner at Grandparents apt
the frick
the met
hung out and shared a pretzel in central park
walked to dylan's candy bar
dinner at my all time fav. spot, Grey Dog Cafe 
hung out in union sq
wandered up to the upper west..
ended up at magnolia bakery for banana pudding (it's amazing)

Day 3:
jog in central park
MoMa (starry night was our fav)
walked/shopped 5th ave. 
spent a couple hours in the NBA store.. Dave was so bummed they didn't have ONE piece of Jazz paraphernalia.  I wasn't super surprised with the way our season went.. He had fun trying on lots of his favorite players jerseys though, they were about $250 each. (i guess this is the equivalent of girls trying on louboutins just for fun)
went to 5 napkin burger for dinner and mister softee for dessert.  

Day 4:
walked to museum of natural history
walked back down to mid-town. (it was so hot we had to stop for tasti-d-lite and diet coke along the way)
walked through FAO to show dave the giant piano
met one of our favorite friends, abby, for a quick lunch (she's a busy worker)
headed to one of my favorite spots in the city, the highline in chelsea. hung out there for a couple hours.
walked to bleecker st. (another favorite place) and walked along that charming street.
went to Washington Sq. park to listen to music (one of dave's favorite spots).
decided to have our last meal at NYC's 1st pizza place, Lombardi's.
headed to union sq. walked and shopped around that area.
met up with Parker.
headed to Soul-Cycle.
had the most amazingworkout ever. seriously. and Parker was the best instructor! In 45 mins our shirts were soaked..and we had worked every part of our bodies while having a dance party on a spin bike.



NYC with Dave was better than I could have imagined. We had so much fun. We explored. Walked until we couldn't walk anymore. Ate our way through the city. Educated ourselves at Museums/shows. Visited friends. Ran in Central Park. Went to Soul Cycle. Shopped. Sat in parks. Talked. Found even more reasons why we love each other. 


  1. So fun! It looks like it was a blast ;)

  2. Looks like a great time! I absolutely loved showing Ryan around the city. It is so romantic and just amazing. What a great trip! I heard your grandparents are serving in NYC... So lucky! Pretty amazing.. Oh and by the way you guys are the cutest couple. Love this!

    -- Shelby


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