Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Patsy + Brady

{Patsy + Brady}

Two of my favorite people are tying the knot next in a a few weeks. We celebrated their engagement with one of the most fun couples showers I've ever been to.  Really good food and great entertainment..these Park City boys together are seriously a riot. AND it was so fun to throw a shower with Tor. We're 2nd gen. party planning "extended"- family. 

{Derek, Grayson, Kimmy, Patsy, Brady}

{The PC Boys}

{The Party Planners}

{everyone, minus the taylors who had to take the baby home}

Thanks Laura for being the photographer for the night, your camera really is much better than the iPhone!


  1. This looks so fun! So happy for Brady, he's finally back to his old self! Also you're right those PC boys together really are a riot and it is great. That is what I grew up with, love it!

  2. you & tori= the cutest party planners i can think of! looks darling XO


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