Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Husband alone for the next 2 weeks..

Tomorrow I leave for the Dallas Prom Market. We will be debuting our Spring 2012 collection.  After being in Dallas for a week, I head to Atlanta to repeat the process.

My day will include getting to the show room, making sure everything looks great, dressing the models for 5-6 runway shows, selling the gowns to the retailers after each show, having lots of girl time with the sales team, stopping by the Hobo booth (wholesale..kind of amazing), and I have a feeling every day I'll be missing DC. 

I'm really excited for this part of my job! Prom takes us to these two cities..and the bridal shows will take us to New York, Chicago, and Dallas..SO fun! 

In the meantime.. I have packed our freezer with frozen pizza and burritos..stocked the pantry with snacks..and tried to get some healthy choices for on the go meals! Hopefully my husband will be well taken care of...

Dave finishes he internship Wednesday (same day as I leave) and hope he rewards himself by hitting the links.. A LOT! I guess it is lucky for us that this is our backyard..easy access! 

(SL Country Club)
If anyone needs a golf partner..now you know who to call! He's going to have a lot of free time with no wife and no job and no school for two weeks..here's to the 2 week summer DC is deserving for being such a hard worker this summer! 


  1. already lined up eric for thursday! have fun...

  2. Hobo started right here in Annapolis MD. It was a off shoot of Georgetown Leather Design. Your Mom probably remembers that from her VA days. Our Nordstrom Rack always has a ton of Hobo. They have a sample sale here in town but I've never been. Have a great trip.

  3. you are such a working girl! go cate! i am so happy for you with your rockin job!

  4. Cate! This is SO wonderful. Ok... not the leaving Dave part. But your job sounds fabulous. Have a blast girl.

  5. Pencil BT in for a F-I-L/S-I-L golf outing! Stat.

  6. Is this my lovely Cate? Living the dream?

    Hello I finally moved to SLC... are you here?

    Moon {Nile}


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