Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: A year in review

January: We get engaged officially. 

 February: Elder Todd gets called to the Thailand Bangkok mission.

March: My cute boyfriend turns 24

April: Dave makes the traveling team for Jones Bones Phoenix trip & I graduated from BYU

May: Bud had his mission farewell and left to Thailand (well the MTC).  Mac and Lily surprised us and were born 2 months early! I went through the temple for the first time. Dave and John graduated from the U. AND the highlight of the year: May 14, 2011!

June: Dave starts his internship with Goldman Sachs and I turned 22. 

July: Celebrated 4th of July with the Todds, Pearsons, Christisons, Papas, Sutterfields and any friends that stopped by for the CC firework show.  We launched the lanterns we didn't use for our wedding..we still have quite the surplus for fun events. 
Our sweet Grandma, Nana, left to finally be reunited with Pa. Happy Happy day for the two of them.

August: Bud moved to Thailand and the Pearsons moved to North Carolina!

September: My Mom and Dad both had birthdays. Dave received a FULL TIME offer at Goldman Sachs here in SLC!

October: Dave and I officially have known each other over 2 years.  Celebrated with a fun date. We also went our "2nd honeymoon" to San Diego.  Also had a fab Halloween and celebrated with friends.

November: So much to be grateful for! Bud was safe after all the crazy flooding in Thailand and we got to have the Pearsons here for Thanksgiving.  Bud hit his 6 mo did Dave and I in married life.

December: Such a wonderful month centered on the Savior and spending time with friends and family.

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  1. A terrific year indeed. Thanks for the recap, I loved seeing it all again. XO


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